Why Wedding Photography Is Important?

  • Why Wedding Photography Is Important?
  • Organizing a wedding photo shoot is not easy.
  • Will you know how the flower arrangements looked like?

I have been a wedding photographer for quite some time now and in the course of my career, I realized that my clients have different approach and ideas. For example, I have one client whose very hands-on with the photography details, she wants to direct everything. And the other one was dependent to me; it seems like they are just hiring me because wedding photo shoots are in demand. But despite of all the differences I see in them, I am thankful that there are still couples who believe in my capability as a photographer.

pe33Essentially, organizing a wedding photo shoot is not easy. Finding the right spot, venues and arranging the whole place, wedding materials and more requires patience and brilliant minds. So, whenever people ask me why I chose this profession, I simply tell them that it’s an honor for me to capture the most romantic and once in a lifetime event in a couple’s journey. Even if I spend money for the best Lightroom wedding presets, it really doesn’t matter at all because  for me, it’s not about earning money and all that, with this type of profession, I can help them preserve their first moments as a couple.

In this article, I will give you some important reasons why wedding photography is so important.

Ever since wedding photography has become competitive in the market, more and more people have finally realized that wedding photography is not about wasting time and money, it’s about preserving the most important life event.

Hiring the best and efficient wedding photographer for your wedding can help you have the most unforgettable day ever. At the end of the day, when you see the same day edit video presentation, you get to see the people who went all the way from far places just to celebrate the event with you.

Think about this, without wedding photography, can you appreciate every detail in it after the wedding? Will you know how the flower arrangements looked like? How the whole ceremony goes and more. I hope you learned about the importance of wedding photography now.

History and Drama via Vintage Presets

  • Cool presets with a sense of history about it
  • Creating “drama” out of using vintage presets from Lightroom
  • 4 benefits of using vintage presets for your photos

There are so many benefits if you use Lightroom vintage presets. The idea of churning out that “old faithful” in your picture is quite rare among photo enhancing apps that a lot of photographers find it special if you can create one.


It Has That Historical Feel

Lightroom vintage presets know how awesome it would be if you can create effects on your photos that has that historical feel about it. Needless, that feeling is so much palpable with Lightroom because you get the sense that you’re not only a viewer of that photo but also a participant in it. That’s the single most palpable effect of these Lightroom vintage presets.

It Has That Unified Look

Vintage photos, most of the time, come in monochrome fashion. Sepia, for instance, with its brown, light tawny color, brings with it a unified effect on your photo. Like all art, unity makes your piece, whether a painting or a photo, whole, in order, with only one color but with different shades. That alone brings out the character of your subject.

It Has Drama

Yes, having a single color with varying degrees of shades makes for good drama as far as the relationship of your photo subjects is concerned. Depth is displayed even more, which allows some of your subjects to stand out while others lurk in the background. The interplay of foreground, middle ground and background is so pronounced with Lightroom vintage presets that it makes your photo images more interactive than that of other photo genre.

It Has That Patented Look

Hard not to notice Lightroom vintage presets because one look at it will tell you that it is the perfect preset in highlighting certain features of your subject. This is the reason why many artists and film stars use this photo genre in highlighting peculiar features that they are known for, like a prominent jaw or a pouting lip. Lightroom vintage presets certainly can do the trick.

So download these Lightroom vintage presets now and experience that old familiar feeling of excitement generated by these awesome presets that you can only find with Lightroom.

Spring 09 Promo CD


Cover artwork for a personal project. Features illustrations from issue 2 of Koodoo Mag and a pretty big clue as to the theme… the mag will be out sometime this year for sure!

Monstar! NewSugar


Collaborative piece created by Aaron Miller (top), Julian James (middle) & me (bottom) to promote a special edition of NewSugar Magazine. We all worked without seeing what the other two were creating and the result is this weird looking creature. I was given free reign to create the body so obviously I decided a monster/zombie in Y-fronts was the only way to go!

FInd out more about the project at the whyisbox website and while you’re at it why not check out Aaron’s cool site too!?

Koodoo Workspace


I originally took this photo to place on the Concrete Hermit Network but thought I’d share it here too. It’s one corner of my studio and looks extra shiny after an early spring clean…

Koodoo Magazine Issue 2 – Format

coverbadges studioportable share2 solitude1

It’s finally here! After what seems like ages I’m able to unveil the second issue of my little magazine. I’m increasing the number of individually numbered copies from 100 to 200!

Some of these copies already have exciting places to go so there will be around 100 available to post out. You’ll be able to find the mag at the following places.

Material – Ludow. Very cool little design shop/gallery. From 16th May
Cut-Click Exhibition – Abbey Walk Gallery, Grimsby. Cut-Click Magazines first group exhibition. From 29th June
Cubitt Gallery – London. Copies of the mag will find their way into a new library where they will hopefully provide inspiration to kids and adults alike that are interested in creating there own zine. Thanks go to Adam Murray for getting me involved in this worthwhile project

One of the magazines illustrations is also making it onto t shirts and tote bags! They will be available to buy in Birmingham and also online. I’ll post more details and pics of the tees/totes when they are printed. I’m also going to hold back a few copies of the mag to accompany the t shirts launch.

If you’d like to be one of the first to hear about new issues of Koodoo Mag then check out my group on Concrete Hermit. There are some very nice comments about the mag and a superb community of artists too.

All mags come with a button badge!

AMMO Illustration Magazine


My latest project has just been sent off to the printers so it’s about time I started to mention it here and there. Starting with here.

Ammo Magazine is a submission based printed illustration magazine. It’s only small (a6) but I think people will really like it. I’ve been creating several new illustrations for the magazine and website (above you can see the websites artist page illustration). I’ve also created the cover illustration myself and it’s quite different from my usual work. Most of my work up to now has featured people of some description. For the mags cover I’ve created some fun alien characters which I’m really happy with. It’s a style I’d like to develop further so I hope people like them as much as I do. I’ll post cover ill’s when the mags printed.

The first issue features a selection of my favorite illustrators including:
Aaron Miller, Al Murphy, Andy Council, Anke Weckmann, Camelia Dobrin, Christine Mann, Colin Hood, Gemma Correll, Ill.Design, Jeffrey Bowman, Karo Knitter, Katari, Matt Pattinson, Messy Msxi, Mr Millerchip, Mr Penfold, Natalie Ratkovski, Rathinan Thaijareorn, Rod Hunt, Scott Pollard, Stephen Chan, Taylor White, Whyisbox & Yuta Onoda.

Really happy with the amazing selection of artists that have agreed to be part of my little mag. Can’t wait to show it off. If you’d like to be featured in the second issue then check out the Ammo site and send me your submissions.

AMMO Illustration Magazine


These are the little characters I created for Ammo Magazine and feature on the cover (both inside and out). The magazine is now available to purchase and you can see photographs of the artwork contained within on the website. So far the feedback has been really positive so I hope it will sell well and let me continue to create a lot more issues.

Alphabits Illustrated letter

I was invited to contribute to an illustrated alphabet project initiated by Julian James (NewSugar/Whyisbox). 26 artists have each been given the task of creating a letter for the project. All proceeds will go to Children in Need. I’ll post information including the website once it’s launched.